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Introduction to NYC

For out of town clients, guests, and relatives! Help them to make the most of their visit to the City. Robin will provide a 3-hour or 6-hour introduction to the history, the MTA system, and suggestions for daily outings and activities for the duration of their stay. Tour includes sights in Lower Manhattan and trips through Grand Central Terminal and Times Square while Robin provides historical highlights as well as practical advice about how the transit system and the city operates.

Robin will meet you and your guests at a designated city hotel/residence, or at either Grand Central Terminal or Times Square.  Meeting time and place will be confirmed on approval of itinerary. Robin will help you create the perfect tour for your family, friends, guests or clients.


Equestrian New York

Did you know that in the 1880s New York and Brooklyn combined had an estimated 160,000 horses?  Well, minus all the manure, many wonderful vestiges of equine life are still visible in the city as well as tributes to the horse’s role in the history in the urban environment. Combining her passions for New York City and all things equestrian, Robin will show you some of the magnificent monuments, historic traces and contemporary places where one can still find horses in the city.  There is evidence in the architecture and historical record and an incredible array of equine art throughout the five boroughs!

Equestrian New York tours can include visits to museums to see equine art and related artifacts, and on some tours if it is possible to visit live equines!  Robin will share the fascinating story of the horse in the urban environment, the importance of the equine to the development of the city and nation, and the sporting life including leisure and racing.  This tour is completely customizable to your specific interests.

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On every tour Robin will show you several sites with interesting points and historical references along the way!

Tours can be taken on foot, MTA subway and buses, taxi, private car, van or coach bus. Personal tours can be arranged for a half day (3-hour), full day (6+ hours) or multiple days, and group tours and walking tours are generally 2 - 3 hours depending on the itinerary.

Personal Tours can be customized into day-long focused tours, or tours that combine several areas of interest. Tours are designed to address various interests, ages, learning styles and abilities. Robin will plan the day’s itinerary with your input. Discover all New York has to offer, & learn how to best navigate the City to ensure the maximum use of your time.